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Part 2. Inclusion of people with dementia; involvement, participation, influencing: case studies


The second essential factor in developing ‘dementia-friendly communities’ was the inclusion and involvement of people with dementia.
In some ways this seems obvious; how can a community be dementia-friendly if people with dementia are not included and involved?


The importance of supporting people to remain autonomous, independent and self-determining for as long as possible was a particular theme in the literature from England, Germany and Belgium, as identified in the literature review.

It was clear from an analysis of the survey findings that inclusion and involvement could be defined in many different ways.

These included ensuring people living with dementia:


The report also noted that inclusion and involvement was sometimes defined as including the whole community, not just people with dementia.

Although this section focuses on the inclusion and involvement of people with dementia it is recognised that a ‘whole community’ approach is also important and supports the development of ‘dementia-friendly communities’ – a number of examples in this paper illustrate this.


The rest of this section of the mapping paper lists all ‘dementia-friendly community’ projects that were found across Europe, that come under the heading of ‘inclusion of people with dementia: involvement, participation, influencing’.

19. Konfetti im Kopf eV (‘Confetti in the Head’), Germany 20. The European Working Group of People with dementia (EWGPWD) 21. Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP), England 22. EDUCATE (Early Dementia Users Cooperative Aiming To Educate), England 23. Service for people with young onset dementia and their families, UK 24. Promoting awareness of and support for dementia for BAME, England 25. Dementia Support Stuttgart gGmbH, Germany 26. Generation Treff, Enger, Germany 27. Demen Talent (‘dementia skills’), Netherlands 28. Dementia is Everyone’s Business – North Lanarkshire Partnership, Scotland 29. Evaluating dementia-friendly communities in Bradford and York, England 30. Dementia Services Development Centre, Scotland 31. A reminiscence promenade in Aalbeke, Belgium 32. Bistrot Mémoire, Rennes, France 33. Pact Ateliers (‘Artistic Forum’), Pacheco Institute, Belgium 34. Dementia – Community Intervention, Greece

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