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Part 1. Raising awareness, providing information, education and training – case studies


The importance of raising awareness about dementia in communities, challenging stigma associated with it, and providing information, education and training to achieve these goals, was a consistently important theme from the survey and literature review.

The report “Mapping  DFCs across Europe: a study commissioned by EFID” identified a wide range of activities under this theme, including:


The rest of this section of the mapping lists all of the ‘dementia-friendly community’ projects that were identified across Europe, that come under the heading of ‘raising awareness, providing information, education and training’.


1. Entr’âges asbl (‘Intergenerational art’), Belgium 2. Dementia friends, UK 3. Missing persons services, Belgium 4. Foundation Compassion Alzheimer, Bulgaria 5. Oficinas Terapêuticas (‘therapeutic workshops’), Portugal 6. Dementia-friendly Community Pharmacy, Austria 7. Foundation Mental Health Care Centre, Estonia 8. Act and React for Dementia, Cyprus 9. ‘The customer is always right’ video, Belgium 10. Dementia-friendly churches, England 11. The Birches Alzheimer’s Day Centre, Ireland 12. Beauraing Centre for Social Action, Belgium 13. Us with you – Ambassadors for Alzheimer’s, Italy 14. Alzal House, Italy 15. Au Fil de L’Age (‘In the Course of Age’), France 16. Urbach dementia resources, Germany 17. Bishopbriggs Academy community action project, Scotland 18. Tea House Reminiscence®, Merseyside, England

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