EFID Webinar series – next webinar on 12th September 2019: People with dementia with migration background

The European Foundations’ Initiative on Dementia (EFID) has launched a series of webinar on dementia. The webinar on dementia and migration took place on 12th September at 2 pm CET.

Webinar #2 Dementia and Migration – 12th September 2019, 2:00 – 3:00 pm CET – Watch the recording here 

The ageing migrant population living in Europe is posing new challenges for dementia care services, particularly if the services are to be adjusted to persons with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds[i]. Little is known about the number of people with dementia and migration background in Europe and their distribution across the member states. In Germany, out of 1.86 million people with a migration background who are 65 years or older, approximately 96,500 persons (5.2%) have dementia. The majority are of European (84,490), more specifically Polish (13,960), Italian (8920) and Turkish (8840) heritage[ii].

EFID launched this important and timely debate in a webinar, on 12th September at 2 pm. Practitioners discussed daily challenges related to the work on dementia and migration. Gabriele Kreutzner and Sümeyra Öztürk from Demenz Support Stuttgart presented the project “DeMigranz”. Dianne Gove, Director of Projects at Alzheimer Europe, presented the study carried out in 2018 on The development of intercultural care and support for people with dementia from minority ethnic groups.


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[ii] Prevalence of dementia in people with a migration background in Germany, Monsees J, Hoffmann W, Thyrian JR, 2018